TK Theaters is a design firm specializing in the design of residential theaters. Theo Kalomirakis and his team of experienced architects and designers have created hundreds of such theaters throughout the world, ranging from small intimate spaces to large environments that can accommodate the entertainment activities of even the most demanding host. Like the great movie houses of the early 20th century, the theaters that Theo Kalomirakis designs lure the audience away from everyday life into a tantalizingly polished and detailed space. Visual refinements in color, light, and texture, as well as spatial transitions, from entering the outer lobby to taking a seat in the auditorium, prepare the client almost ritualistically for the proper experience of the movie. Regardless of their size, they all share a common trait -- the theater experience.
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Theo Kalomirakis
Theo Kalomirakis is the recognized pioneer in the design and development of opulent home theaters; his designs are the gold standard for clients who have the wherewithal, and the space, to dedicate to the ultimate residential cinematic experience. He has designed the finest private theaters of movie stars, sports legends, world leaders, and his reputation for outstanding design is legendary throughout the world. Regarded as “the Father of Home Theater,” His work has been published around the globe.